About Chiltern Community Forum

The Chiltern Community Forum exists principally to discuss and set neighbourhood policing priorities for the Chiltern district. It works in conjunction with Chiltern District Council and Thames Valley Police.

In addition, the Forum seeks to promote community engagement, and encourage involvement by individuals, businesses and other stakeholders within the area.

Browsing the FAQs below should answer most questions about the Forum; if we have missed something, please feel free to contact us and ask, or suggest additional information for inclusion.

Why does the Forum exist?

The principle of ‘Policing by Consent’ is a long standing philosophy of British policing, in which policing is underpinned by public approval. Through local accountability and demonstrable impartiality, trust and confidence of communities is maintained. It is also in part why policing in the UK is performed by regional forces, rather than a national force.

Definition of Policing by Consent – 9 Principles of Policing

Clearly, however, there must be force-wide, national priorities. Police forces throughout the UK need to balance these with the more local demands of neighbourhood policing, just as essential in maintaining the confidence of the public.

A statutory requirement is laid down by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, that a chief officer of police must:

  1. make arrangements for obtaining the views of persons within each neighbourhood about crime and disorder in that neighbourhood;
  2. must make arrangements for providing persons within each neighbourhood in with information about policing in that neighbourhood;
  3. and arrangements must be made for regular meetings between persons within the neighbourhood and police officers with responsibility for supervising or carrying out policing in that neighbourhood.

This feedback assists prioritisation of resources, whilst the forums give the opportunity for the public and the Police to discuss priorities in an informed way.

Who is the Forum for?

The Chiltern Community Forum exists therefore for the benefit of the entire Chiltern community. It is relevant to anyone with concerns about crime, or interested in crime reduction and prevention. It should also be of interest to all who would like Chiltern to be a better, safer place to live and work.

What area does the Forum cover?

The Chiltern Community Forum covers the area administered by Chiltern District Council. The main residential and business areas are therefore Chesham, Amersham, the Chalfonts, the Missendens and surrounding villages.

Chiltern Community Forum works closely with the Chiltern and South Bucks Community Safety Partnership, and a similar forum exists in the South Bucks area.

Who is involved?

The Chiltern Community Forum is an independent group, working in conjunction with Chiltern District Council and Thames Valley Police. Its committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Andy Garnett. Meeting times and venues will be published on this web site and by Chiltern District Council.

Representatives of Thames Valley Police and Chiltern District Council’s Community Safety Partnership attend all committee meetings. It is important to stress that anyone is welcome to attend and participate at committee meetings.

The Chiltern and South Bucks Community Safety Partnership adopts a multi-agency approach, which is generally accepted to be the most effective way to combat crime, disorder and the fear of crime within the community. A joint three year Plan is produced to address the priorities that affect both the Districts.

Organisations that work in partnership with the Chiltern and South Bucks Community Safety Partnership include:

  • Thames Valley Police
  • Buckinghamshire County Council including Public Health
  • Thames Valley Probation
  • Community Rehabilitation Company (MTCNovo)
  • Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Local Community Groups, such as Residents’ Associations, Watch Schemes, etc
  • Voluntary Organisations

Priority Setting – the Process

Policing priorities for the coming quarter are set at the committee meeting. Beforehand, residents are invited to complete an online survey to express their views and preferences. From a list of 22, they are asked to select their top three neighbourhood priorities for the Chiltern Community Forum to address over the next three months.

Information from the survey is collated, analysed and presented at the committee meeting. This helps inform decisions on priorities taken at the meeting.

Decisions are announced on this website and elsewhere. Progress reports are presented by Thames Valley Police at the following meeting, and again these are published.

What are the 22 Priorities we can choose from?

The 22 priorities are set out on the online form. They are:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Burglary – residential properties
  • Burglary – sheds and garages
  • Burglary – commercial properties
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Dog fouling
  • Cyber crime / Fraud
  • Littering
  • Modern slavery
  • Rogue traders/ Scams
  • Drug dealing
  • Speeding
  • Theft from vehicles
  • Theft of vehicles
  • Violence against a person
  • Rural crime
  • Parking
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Cyber bullying
  • Criminal damage
  • Knife Crime
  • Other (for respondent to specify):

What are the current top three priorities?

Please visit our Priorities page.

How do I get more information on crime and policing within my neighbourhood?

The POLICE.UK website contains considerable information on crime and policing within local neighbourhoods. This includes a local crime map, information on the policing team, local policing priorities, performance, news and events and nominating a project for ‘community payback’.

Your local area pages can be accessed below:


The Police report on local policing priorities at Local Area Forums. How do these relate to the Chiltern Community Forum?

Local Area Forums (LAF), sometimes known as Local Community Partnerships (LCPs), are set up under Buckinghamshire County Council. Each LAF includes representatives from the county, district and parish councils, as well as partner organisations like the police and community associations. Policing is just one of the topics covered; others may include parking, roads, health, transport and young people. Residents are encouraged to attend meetings to hear about what is happening in their local area and have their say.

Thames Valley Police attend LAF meetings to report on and discuss policing. This will include local policing priorities, as set for Chiltern as a whole by the Chiltern Community Forum.

LAFs meet up to 4 times a year. Please follow the links for more information on your Local Area Forum:

Amersham Local Area Forum
Chesham and Chiltern Villages Local Area Forum
Missendens Local Area Forum
The Chalfonts Local Area Forum

Using this website

Chiltern Community Forum (“CCF”, “the Forum”, “we”, “us”) is an independent community body working in conjunction with Chiltern District Council and Thames Valley Police.

CCF’s principal stated objective is to set policing priorities for the Chiltern area. In addition, the Forum seeks to promote community engagement, and encourage involvement by individuals, businesses and other stakeholders within the area. The overall goal is to make the Chiltern community more resilient, and for Chiltern to be a better, safer place to live and work.

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