Crime Stats

Crime statistics for Chiltern, broken down by the four sub-areas Chesham, Amersham, the Chalfonts and the Missendens, are available and updated monthly on the Police.UK website.

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Below we take some of this data and present it in graphical form. We shall update it ahead of each priority setting cycle, and hope that it will be helpful as guidance in priority setting surveys and meetings. There are limitations, though. Crimes are placed in 14 categories which do not mirror the priorities in our survey. Also, data relating to speeding and parking are not captured, and we know from our surveys that these are matters of particular concern to residents. Similarly, cyber crime and fraud is recorded elsewhere. Nonetheless, we feel it provides useful context.

Overall reported crime trends by area, 2016-2018

Reported crime by area chiltern to dec 2018

Incidences of Crime ranked by Category, 2016-2018

Incidences of reported crime by category show a number of quite consistent trends over time. It’s a good thing that Drugs and Weapon Possession are consistently towards the bottom of the list. The fact that they tend to rank higher in our priority surveys reflects the fear of these things, the potential harm they can cause, and the fact that they can be triggers for other forms of crime.
Violence against a person and sexual offences, and anti-social behaviour generally rank towards the top of reported crime.
reported crimes ranked by category chiltern 2016-2018

Reported Violence and Sexual Assault Crimes, 2016-2018

In most months through 2018, Violence and Sexual Assault has been the most frequently reported crime, and it is concerning to see that the trend is upwards.
Reported crime violence and sexual assault chiltern to dec 2018

Antisocial Behaviour Trends, 2016-2018

There is a distinct seasonal pattern to reported Antisocial Behaviour crimes. This suggests that loutish behaviour tends to increase with longer daylight hours.
Reported crime antisocial behaviour chiltern to dec 2018

Reported Burglaries, 2016-2018

Burglary is regularly the greatest concern expressed within the Priority surveys.
Reported crime burglaries chiltern to dec 2018

Reported Drug Crimes, 2016-2018

We are fortunate that reported drug crimes within Chiltern are relatively low. To judge from survey comments, this would not necessarily chime with the experience of some residents. And with drug and alcohol abuse frequently being a causatory factor for other crimes, Drug Dealing and Misuse was made a top 3 priority at the September and November Forum meetings. We were told to expect the crime numbers to rise as a result of greater enforcement, and this may be reflected in the rise in Q4 2018.
Reported crime drugs chiltern to dec 2018

Reported Weapon Possession Crimes, 2016-2018

Chiltern does not seem to have an epidemic of weapons possession, but Knife Crime was made a priority in November 2018 to encourage prevention and education work with young people and in schools.
Reported crime weapons possession chiltern to dec 2018

Reported Vehicle Crimes, 2016-2018

Reported crime vehicle crime chiltern to dec 2018